Rating National Anthems
His Voice CONQUERED TikTok
I'm taking a break.
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Singers' Dumbest Moments
Boy Bands vs Girl Bands
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hpowen88 Pred 23 urami
All bts and black pink songs sound the same
Daddy Pred 23 urami
Sorry bro, redbone won that one!
Allie Rawson
Allie Rawson Pred 23 urami
You make me, make me, make me wanna KWYYYE
Andrew Pappas
Andrew Pappas Pred 23 urami
I'm 5'5" so it's honestly kind of interesting to know what I'm both taller than/similar height to some famous singers
Max Pred 23 urami
Justin bieber looks like jake paul in yummy
DARKNESS Pred dnevom
Bts only got hit since 2017 or 16 and got more then 6 most liked vids proud of my boys!
shaelaann Pred dnevom
Hahah “is this one of those wedding songs?” Yeah...totally was my wedding song in 2013
Cléa 74
Cléa 74 Pred dnevom
Wait I thought Perfect by Ed Sheeran would've been in this list!
Mari2na 007
Mari2na 007 Pred dnevom
With Chanderlier, all the time I thought that I stole bad quality mp3, but it's actualy in the song. It blowed my mind.
SmartBruh Pred dnevom
Next video: Top 10 most viewed songs.
masterpig5 S
masterpig5 S Pred dnevom
Sophie Pred dnevom
U hv never heard alone by marshmello?!?! 🤐😯
Andrew Harper
Andrew Harper Pred dnevom
Why does passenger look like older roomie
Tschele Pred dnevom
I think Shape of You is Ed Sheeran’s worst song.
Cinjun Chiniquy
Cinjun Chiniquy Pred dnevom
Hey Joel, maybe you should try to reacting to some kidzbop songs.
saffira DCB
saffira DCB Pred dnevom
Wasn't ed sheeran homeless?...
Keagan Vick
Keagan Vick Pred dnevom
can you make a part two with Canada
Co okie
Co okie Pred dnevom
yisssss armyyyy
Nicole Bailey
Nicole Bailey Pred dnevom
roomie pisses me off whenever Taylor is up against anyone in these videos he ALWAYS gives the point to the other musician. so annoying how he has something against her or whatever
Yarlenys Pred dnevom
That video was out on Aug 6... Dynamite by BTS came out on Aug 21 I think... that may be why is not in it
Hippo Man45
Hippo Man45 Pred dnevom
Roomie, you should make a video rapping rap god
Mariam Yako
Mariam Yako Pred dnevom
12:21 shahhaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwnnnnnnn ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh idc about camila shawwwwwwnnnnnnnnnnnnn
Urbana Islam Barsha
Urbana Islam Barsha Pred dnevom
Joel doesn’t like "Shape of YOU " and "Girls like YOU "😂😂😂😭😭
MadHatter Madds
MadHatter Madds Pred dnevom
Joel homework assignment...watch the Twilight movie series ...song:Thousands Years, and others, good soundtrack
Paul Howarth
Paul Howarth Pred dnevom
I was born in 2010 24th august
gacha mask
gacha mask Pred dnevom
I'm 2008 and i love almost all of them and I got to disagree on some notes but some I get why you rated them because I have not herd some of the bad ones
Call Me Syndrow
Call Me Syndrow Pred dnevom
I have two concepts for future videos : - Singers from a band VS Singer with a solo Career - Singer who sing high notes VS Singers who Can sing bass notes
Park Rosé
Park Rosé Pred dnevom
*Yes. I see K-pop, I click.* *What else do you want me to do?*
Mr Munk00
Mr Munk00 Pred dnevom
i just have your song on repeat from waking up until i go to sleep
Laura Welch
Laura Welch Pred dnevom
I posted that before I saw bella from twi
Cléa 74
Cléa 74 Pred dnevom
I thought I was the only one who hadn't watched Marshmellow's Alone!
Cinnabread Pred dnevom
So... How many lights were in "A Thousand Years?"
Hp- Playz
Hp- Playz Pred dnevom
This guy is just great! 😃
oI fEliX
oI fEliX Pred dnevom
I love it when my favorite genre dominates the Western music scene 🥰
YeeHaw Pred dnevom
Lol you didn't notice but in 2020 no. 4&2 are the same song. BTS's song "ON" was 4th are 2nd place lol. In 4th place it's the mv and in 2nd it's the Kinetic Manifesto Film (choreography video basically)
Apurva S
Apurva S Pred dnevom
Joel starts counting the blurry candles Anxiety has entered the chat
Sophie Pred dnevom
Ok maybe I'm the only one who thinks this but in the music video chandelier by sia whenever I see the dance it makes me C.R.I.N.G.E. ppl say its soo good and stuff,it is good but it's a bit......random or weird
KaosJoshi Pred dnevom
Why are Joel’s lips so crusty?
Paulina Pred dnevom
don't know why but I got so happy when the k-pop and latin stuff started to appear
Juanita Rodríguez Vargas
Juanita Rodríguez Vargas Pred dnevom
you guys are soooooooo goooood!!!!!!!
UpBeat Gaming
UpBeat Gaming Pred dnevom
whoaaaaaa a lot of kpop after 2017
Gambo Pred dnevom
2:19 yes Joel, yes it is
Selvi Prasanna
Selvi Prasanna Pred dnevom
Me like ummm dude I don’t hear that noise
Rowshan Jahan
Rowshan Jahan Pred dnevom
I'm not saying someone is uncultured here for not knowing certain people and songs but, someone is uncultured here
OMJ_Nickanden Pred dnevom
eminems afraid song from 2010 has nearly 10 mil likes
kevin ross
kevin ross Pred dnevom
The list isn't based on how many likes they got the year they were released but how many likes they have now so if a song ends up being the most liked of a year, it's likely that the song wasn't the most liked of the year it was released
OK Pred dnevom
Any walkers here?
Laura Welch
Laura Welch Pred dnevom
Yes it is it is the one in Twilight
Fall Out Boy Fan TTH
Fall Out Boy Fan TTH Pred dnevom
Patrick stump is an awesome singer if you consider short singers he's 5 ft 4 but his voice is awesome
Orewa A
Orewa A Pred dnevom
Joel do most viewed anime openings
johan Pred dnevom
im surprised weeknd is not there
Harriet Sarah
Harriet Sarah Pred dnevom
A lot of these were a bit too fast, you don't see much of the videos of all. It may have been better with less years so that you could spend more time on each.
Alejandro Salazar
Alejandro Salazar Pred dnevom
Joel is 32 years old? Wtf I thought he in his 20s
Sophia and her hamster
Sophia and her hamster Pred dnevom
The one thing that bothered me- that “rat” is a mouseeeeeeeeee eeeeeee lol
Mariam Yako
Mariam Yako Pred dnevom
7 minutes in , i hope shawn mendes is somewhere in this compilation
Dragon Fish
Dragon Fish Pred dnevom
Fuck you joel the Swedish national anthem is 11/11 I actually have in my playlist and am not Swedish
Paarth 16
Paarth 16 Pred dnevom
Honestly, this wasn't fair for Ed Sheeran... There are like 10 better performances of that same song which would totally blow him away
Ultras Day
Ultras Day Pred dnevom
Rap God has 15 million likes now!
Apek Irfan
Apek Irfan Pred dnevom
Next: Blackpink Songs VS BTS songs. (Since Joel into Kpop now😅)
Ar Zinzin
Ar Zinzin Pred dnevom
Chaine chiante ! C'est pénible !
Mia Nightshade
Mia Nightshade Pred dnevom
my only thing is that they jumped from 29 to 33 without going though 31.... which is how old TAYLOR SWIFT IS..... how could you not add taylor??
Silent311 Pred dnevom
Another twenty one pilots song because the cliques are lit
poGGers GG
poGGers GG Pred dnevom
I know the fast part of rap god of by heart Btw me singing allong lol
• Gacha Rose •
• Gacha Rose • Pred dnevom
BtS bTs BTs btS
Mariam Yako
Mariam Yako Pred dnevom
why did i find joel explaining why he's giving the years a thumbs up cute..lol
20O5_Molten Pred dnevom
Yo Roomie can you do more parts of this until you get to all the national anthems in the world.
MAGICO official
MAGICO official Pred dnevom
Dynamite with 23 milion?
Mylee K
Mylee K Pred dnevom
React to upchurch hollar boys
Shoulin Master
Shoulin Master Pred dnevom
Yallgar is missing in 20202
Vivian Marie
Vivian Marie Pred dnevom
Okay, so Baby had a really bad ratio. Roomie, you got a better ratio than Justin Bieber! 13K to 70 beats 16M to 11M! YAYYY!
strawberry Pred dnevom
I'm just happy that he uploaded and also just look at Justin Bieber now and before
Sandra Yoon
Sandra Yoon Pred dnevom
muffin is gone
muffin is gone Pred dnevom
They are so many Indian song beacuse there are there are 1 billion population in India so they like
lacasseusededelire M.
lacasseusededelire M. Pred dnevom
Shakira doesn't deserves her place because it's just a stolen song
Aradhya Chaudhary
Aradhya Chaudhary Pred dnevom
Dynamite was the most liked song of 2020,the video is of August 6 and dynamite released on 21 august or something
Shirin Kaul
Shirin Kaul Pred dnevom
God, I wasn't ready for this nostalgia trip. 😢
Hp- Playz
Hp- Playz Pred dnevom
Bro This Is Dope Af
Invisibilly Pred dnevom
Black pink > BTS. Let the flame war commence